Posted on: Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Hourglass Lighting Powders: Ethereal Light & Dim Infusion - Worth the Hype?

Hourglass powders have been getting so much hype on the interwebs in the past year or so and I've been experimenting with wedding make-up the past few weeks so I wanted to give these a go.

Setting powders are something I've always struggled with for some reason. And believe it or not, I've only really been using setting powders the past three years or so!
I like a semi-matte finish, yet glowy and natural looking. Ideally I want a powder that I apply once and it stays like that all day with no touch-ups. In the past I've tried many from Clinque, Estee Lauder, Soap and Glory, MAC, jane iredale and many many more, however there is always something I don't like about the finish, or it makes me oily in a few hours, or the lasting power isn't as great as I'd hoped. Maybe I'm just being a bit of a fuss-pot... But with my wedding coming up, I need to find the perfect powder!

Any who, going off on a bit of a tangent there... So yes, after all the hype over Hourglass' powders and watching loads of YouTube reviews, I decided to give them a go. I picked up Ethereal Light (£38) which is suitable for fair skin. And, Dim Infusion (£32) a gorgeous coral shade which is part of the blush range.

These powders have been formulated to deliver a soft focus effect that look amazing under harsh fluorescent bright lights or other unflattening light sources. The key benefits of these powders are to capture, diffuse and soften the way light reflects on to your skin by using cutting-edge photo-luminescent technology—transparent micron-size, colour correcting particles to alter and refine the appearance of the complexion. And to deliver a multi-dimensional luminescence to every skin tone, making it appear younger, unlike traditional powders which simply sit on the skin to cover imperfections.

After trailing them for a month or so, I have to say I am completely in love with them and yes they are 100% worth the hype! They are such beautiful powders.

First off the packaging is stunning - luxurious, weighted metallic cases. And, the marbled effect of the blushes are too pretty to look at! Also the finish of the powders are incredible, they are so finely milled and they give you a healthy glow whilst looking airbrushed.

As my skin gets fairly oily through-out the day, I do have to touch-up or use a matte powder underneath, but that doesn't bother me too much because they leave such a beautiful finish on the skin.

(Wearing Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation, jane iredale PurePressed Base, Hourglass Ethereal Light and Dim Infusion in the photo above.)

Ethereal Light is a soft, cool white powder with a hint of lumionsity. The finish is a 'moonlight glow' super radiant looking.
This powder is kind of like a highlighter for your face, without looking shimmery or like a disco ball.
If you do prefer more of a matte finish or have combination to oily skin, I would recommend using another powder before applying this on top.

This is the perfect powder for fair skin girls and those who enjoy a glowy, yet soft focused finish.

I absolutely love this powder, I've been wearing it every day since I got it, and I will be most likely wearing this on my wedding day!

Dim Infusion is a beautiful coral shade that add's a bit of warmth to the cheeks. This shade works really well with my hair colour and my fair skin-tone, but I do think it would look lovely on other skin-tones too.

I've also been wearing this every day since I got it! It's the perfect peachy coral shade and looks lovely and natural on the cheeks!

I will most likely be wearing these for my wedding day. Or, if not these shades, then perhaps 'Dim Light', 'Diffused Light' or 'Ethereal Glow' - I haven't yet decided, too many choices of different 'lights'!  But for the time being I want to look air-brushed every day and these two are doing me wonders! Highly highly recommend these and I get the hype! They are frickin' amazing!

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Posted on: Sunday, 3 April 2016

Aromatherapy Associates vs NEOM - The Battle of the Bath Oils

When it comes down to bath oils, Aromatherapy Associates and NEOM don't compare.
In my humble opinion, they are the most gorgeous scented, most relaxing, luxurious oils on the market today. But who comes out on top? Let's find out shall we.

So let's talk about the Miniature Bath & Shower Collection by Aromatherapy Associates (£39.00) first...

This set includes ten therapeutic mini oils (3ml bottles). You get:

Deep Relax -
 Vetrivert, camomile and sandalwood for a tranquil night.

Light Relax -
Made with Lavender, ylang ylang and petitgrain.

De-Stress Mind -
Frankincense, petitgrain, wild camomile and rosemary to organise your thoughts.

De-Stress Muscle -
 Rosemary, black pepper, lavender and ginger to de-stress your body.

Revive Morning -
Grapefruit, rosemary and juniper for a fantastic and reviving start to the day.

Revive Evening -
Geranium, ylang ylang, patchouli and sandalwood to re-energise you for the evening ahead.

Support Breathe -
 Eucalyptus, pine, tea tree and peppermint to maintain easy breathing and a clear head.

Support Lavender & Peppermint -
Comforting powers of lavender and peppermint to keep you feeling your best.

Support Equilibrium -
Geranium, rose and frankincense to help lift your spirits during challenging times.

Inner Strength -
Clary sage, frankincense and cardamom to help find your strength in challenging and difficult times.

My favourites are Revive Evening, Support Breathe and De-Stress Mind. But to be honest they are all really lovely and relaxing. I really enjoy coming home from work, running one of these under the tap and indulging in bath heaven!

What I really love about this mini collection is that you can test out near enough all of Aromatherapy Assosicates range and see which ones you really like! This is great for all the indecisive ladies out there... Especially me!

The outer packaging is really sleek and I love the gold foiled text which adds a sense of luxury. I also think the little bottles are adorable and I love the little touch of the gold lids.

This would be a perfect birthday or Christmas present. A real treat for those who adore baths.

Moving on to NEOM's Six Blissful Nights In Mini Bath & Shower Oils (£24.95). A friend from work actually gifted me this beautiful little set which I'm really grateful for. 

This collection includes six mini bath and shower oils (5ml bottles). You get:

2 x Tranquility Oils -
English lavender, sweet basil and jasmine combine to relax the mind and body and help to induce the perfect night's sleep.

2 x Time to Unwind -
Bluebell, guaiacwood and rose have been blended to create a treatment that helps you unwind and focus.

2 x Real Luxury -
 Heady jasmine with a little French lavender and the soothing, spicy tones of Brazilian rosewood. Gently calming and pampering.

I absolutely love Real Luxury and Time to Unwind. These scents are really unique and special. They really help me relax, and I feel like I'm bathing in gold! I could spend hours and hours in the bath with these.

The only downside to this set is that you don't get a huge variety like Aromatherapy Associates collection. You only get three different oils. However, you do get slightly bigger bottles, instead of 3ml you get 5ml (almost double)!

But any who, this collection would be a great birthday or Christmas gift, or for someone who travels a lot.

After trialling, testing and weighing up pros and cons. If I had to choose which one I prefer or gift someone, it'll have to be Aromatherapy Associates collection overall, as it comes with a much better selection and variety, and is a really good price point for ten oils.

 However, NEOM's 'Real Luxury' scent is my absolute favourite of them all. It's feels like you're being wrapped up in a blanket whilst watching a fire. It's so comforting! Seriously do try this one!

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