Elizabeth Arden: The Red Door Experience

Last month I paid a little visit to Debenhams on Oxford Street, as I heard about the ‘Red Door Experience‘ by one of the bloggers I follow. I have never actually tried any of Arden’s products before, nor did I realise they do facials too! But of course, I had heard of some of her cult products.
Any who, I had the Red Door Experience and thought I would share my thoughts with you.
So what is the ‘Red Door Experience’ you ask? Well, Elizabeth Arden took over Debenhams’ flagship London store for a few weeks, with the idea that you can pop in for a 15 minute facial, receive a goody bag and get £20 off any purchase in store, all for £15. How brilliant is that? And with my wedding vast approaching I jumped at the chance! Such a bargain!
Before the facial, you have a skin consultation and you discuss your concerns, then they scan your skin with some type of machine. I was fortunate to be told, ‘I had great skin, and that she could tell that I really looked after my skin’. And then it was time for the facial…
It was a really cool experience as the lady performed an ‘oxygen blast facial’ on me.

It’s not a relaxing lay down facial by any means. You sit in a chair with your eyes closed, and this tool blows out all these fab ingredients on to your skin.

And, I did see the results straight away, my skin was glowing afterwards. And it did last a few days, even after my wedding which was great.

Afterwards, the lady gave me a goody bag with lots of exciting and versatile products for me to try, and told me I could get £20 off any purchase in store. So I treated myself to one of Arden’s cult products, the eight hour intensive lip repair cream which came to £5, total bargain. And, I haven’t stopped using it since I bought it, it’s amazing!

(What I got in my goody bag: Always Red Femme Eau de Toilette Spray, Grand Entrance Mascara, Eight Hour Cream, Prevage Anti-Aging & Intense Repair Daily Serum, City Smart and Super Start.)

The Red Door Experience was a huge success, and I believe they extended the offer to run for a couple more weeks due to popular demand.I thought it was such a cool idea, and I instagrammed about it at the time. So, apologies for typing this up a little later than expected. But hopefully you can forgive me as I’ve been ridiculously busy…

I just love the idea that women on the go can pop in store on their lunch break and have an instant facial. It’s such a clever idea, and for a really affordable price too.

I would love to go back and try one of their other facials that last a bit longer, and see the full effect of it.Overall this was a fab experience from start to finish. Perfect for the busy ladies out there, or for those attending an event or wedding and want their skin to be in fabulous condition.

Of course, I popped into Cafe Nero on the way home. The Christmas cups are too adorable, I just had to share. Anyway, as always, you can follow me on Instagram: @zoeyoliviablog or tweet me: @zoeyoliviablog. I’m forever responding and interacting on those platforms :).

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