Birthday Wishlist

Every year, Joe, my family and friends struggle to get me presents for my birthday as apparently I’m really difficult to buy for… so I’ve put together a little wish list for them.

This year has been really hard choosing things I want or need because I usually buy everything myself anyway, and the things I want are really expensive… and I don’t expect my family and friends to purchase any of the above, apart from maybe the John Lewis dressing gown, chloe perfume and aesop face mask.

To be honest I would just be happy with a nice meal, afternoon tea or an array of Lush halloween and Christmas bath bombs (I have been eyeing up Pumpkin and Shooting Stars in particular ;)) or I’d be really content with¬†Estee LaLonde’s Bloom book to read on my upcoming holiday. My mind is more focused on our wedding at the moment and my birthday has just crept up out of no-where if I’m being honest!

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