Anniversary Brunch At Thomas’s

 I can’t quite get my head around the fact that Joe and I have been together for six years… It has flown by!
It hasn’t always been rainbows and butterflies (as some of you may think), but we have a rare connection or so astrology (Scorpio and Pisces) tells me. He’s my best friend and the only person that truly knows me… and he’s soon to be my husband (very weird writing that).
For our sixth year anniversary, we kept it quite low-key as we have our wedding coming up pretty soon-ish. I treated Joe to brunch at Thomas Burberry’s restaurant in London, Thomas’s. It was incredible – the service, the food, the drinks… everything was perfect.
We had the whole floor to ourselves which was quite rare and lovely, it felt like we had our very own personal waiter. Every member of staff was super cheery and lovely. We even got treated to a glass of champagne on the house!
The food was beautiful. I had a full english breakfast because why the hell not? You could really taste the quality of the food, and the toast was on another level – that was some seriously sexy bread I tell you. I also had a cup of tea, I can’t remember the flavour, but it sounded fancy.
Joe had some sort of fish pie with a side salad and pretty flowers that were edible. I had a cheeky bite and it was lovely too.
For dessert we shared the Millionaire’s shortbread (my favourite) – wow this was heavenly. Every thing was perfection from the biscuit base to the dark chocolate coating. I need to go back and order about 10 of these!
After our lovely meal, we walked around Regent St. for a little bit and then headed home as we had work the next day, and didn’t want to be out too late (oldies, I know).

As always, feel free to follow me on Instagram: @zoeyoliviablog or tweet me: @zoeyoliviablog. I’m forever responding and interacting on those platforms :). Or, leave me a comment below if you’ve been to Thomas’s or are thinking or going there soon.Oh and, if you’re interested in seeing what we got up to for our anniversary in previous years, check out my blog post/vlog from last year at Sketch, and check out our fourth anniversary at the Mad Hatters Tea Party at the Sanderson Hotel. You can also watch the vlog here.

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