Lancome Hynose Drama Waterproof Mascara Review

A couple of weeks back, I mentioned Lancome Hynose Drama waterproof mascara on my wedding beauty must-haves post. Well, I caved and I picked it up…
This mascara retails around £23.50, which is pretty pricey for your average mascara. But with my wedding coming up, I need to trial a few high end mascaras as I need it serve me well on my big day.
The claim: “Instant Full Body Volume Mascara, Extreme 24 hour hold.” The convex brush gives full lash contact for a full impact volume look. A waterproof formula with up to 24 hour hold and a irresistibly voluminous look.
The verdict: Instant volume – tick. Extreme hold – tick. I haven’t tried it for 24 hours but I don’t doubt that this will stay put. It’s seriously a pain in the ass to remove. You need a oil infused eye make-up remover and a dozen cotton pads.
I’ve been wearing this every day for about two months now and I do really like it. It instantly makes my eyelashes look amazing. But, I have noticed that it can clump up my lashes if I don’t use a lash primer first.
It also holds a curl really well – in fact all day long which I’m super impressed with.
The packaging is really unique too, I like the waved effect and the simple sliver foil text. Very elegant. It’s really easy to hold as well.
Overall, it has some wow factors, such as holding a curl all day and how big it makes my lashes look. The only downfall is the clumpiness. If it wasn’t for that, I would have given this mascara a 10 out of 10, but I have to give it an 8/10.
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