Urban Decay Naked 2 EyeShadow Palette Review | Worth the Hype?

I must admit I’m a bit late on the ‘Naked’ palette craze. But, better late than never right? 

Ok, so the real reason why I caved and bought this is because 1) I’m doing my make-up for my wedding and I’m trialling lots of brands, and 2) I’ve heard every Tom, Dick and Harry rave about how amazing the Naked palettes are. So I thought, now is the time to get one.

It was quite hard to pick between the three palettes, but I decided on 2 as ALL of the shades are my cup of tea. There’s a mix of coppery, brown metallics and a few matte shades! Perfection.

Ok so, let’s review the Naked 2 palette (£38.50)…

Packaging: The eyeshadows fit in a lovely rectangle metal casing. And, the lid has lightly embossed letters which I think is really sleek. Inside the case is a mirror and a dual ended brush which is also super handy!

Shades/Formula: In total there are 12 shades, from luminous shimmers to super creamy mattes. The shades are taupe-hued neutrals which are perfect for us cool-toned ladies.
The formula of these are so incredibly pigmented, so buttery and so smooth. They are a dream to apply and blend!

Favourite Shades: If I had to pick… my favourites would have to be ‘Chopper’, ‘Suspect’ and ‘YDK’. ‘Chopper’ is a gorgeous copper shimmery shade with peckles of sliver glitter. ‘Suspect’ is a pale golden beige shimmer and ‘YDK’ is a cool bronze shimmery shade. Simply stunning shades.
I also quite like ‘Half Baked’ but I don’t think it suits me as much as the others.

Overall: The palette is 100% worth the hype. I love all the shades and they are incredibly long-lasting! If I apply these in the morning… say around 7am, they would still look just as great by 9pm. A big thumbs up from me. 10/10.

(I don’t think my photo of the swatches are doing these shades much justice!)

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