Belated Lush Boxing Day Sales Haul

First off, let me start by saying how sorry I am for posting this so late! I’m normally on top of things, but if you read my life update post you’ll understand why I have been falling behind a little.
I was also going to film what I got from Lush too but I think it’s far too late to post, but we shall see…

So, a few days after Boxing Day, I purchased a cheeky online order with Lush. I do this every year as the majority of their Christmas collection is half the price.

And, well I got quite a bit! I’ll start with the items to the left first.

Santa’s Sack Bubble Bar, this is an online exclusive and I’ve never actually seen this before! It’s really really cute.
This bubble bar is three baths in one – take the presents out and leave them aside and crumble the sack under water, and then re-use the bubble bar presents for two baths at a later date.
The main ingredients in this little sack are tonka absolute and neroli oil which are super comforting and warming for the colder months.

Snowcake Soap, this is limited edition and I’ve only seen it pop back over the Christmas period.
I don’t usually buy Lush soap’s, however I wanted to give this one a go as I love marzipan, and that’s exactly what it smells like!
It’s main ingredients are Rose, Cassie and Benzoin oils which combined gives it that marzipan fragrance.

Golden Wonder Bath Bomb, I’ve had this before and it’s amazing! It has a fresh smelling scent that’s quite citrusy and not usually the kind of fragrance I would go for.
When you pop it into your bath, it turns your bath a greeny-blue colour, with lots of glittery stars floating around along the top. It also creates lots of bubbles too!

Cinders Bath Bomb, this is one of my favourite Christmas Lush bath bombs. It has a spicy cinnamon scent and crackles when you drop it into the bath. It’s super warming and comforting for the winter months. Highly highly recommend.

Frozen Bath Bomb, this is part of Lush’s fairly new collection and has been inspired by the film Frozen.
This one has quite a fresh scent, it has grapefruit oil, neroli oil, rose oil, amongst many other ingredients. Quite excited to test this one out soon!

Intergalactic Bath Bomb. I bloody love this one! It creates the most beautiful galaxy bath! I’ve previously spoken about it in a past blog post, if you’re interested, click here to read it.

Snow Fairy Shower Gel. Snow Fairy is highly raved about on the interwebs and is exclusive over the Christmas period! I picked up a 100g bottle which is plenty enough for me.
If you haven’t tried Snow Fairy, it’s a sickly sweet scent and you will smell like unicorns, candy floss and all things sugary sweet!

The Experimenter Bath Bomb. I’ve always been intrigued by the shape of this, it’s very cool. And the scent is unusual – it’s quite minty and spicy vanilla-y. I’m excited to give this one a go!

Rub Rub Rub Body Scrub, I’m unsure if this is new but I’ve never seen it before! And, I haven’t tried one of Lush’s scrubs in a ridiculously long time so I thought I’d trial this one.
It’s main ingredients are sea salt, illipe butter and has a cherry blossom flourish. It’s very Japanese like, so I was very much drawn to it for that reason!

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar. if you like Snow Fairy, you’ll love this one! It’s sugary sweet and creates a beautiful pink bubbly bath! I usually get this every year as it’s quite nice to be bathed in pink water and feel like a princess.

Dashing Santa Bath Bomb. Last but not least, we have Dashing Santa! I usually get this one every year as well.
He’s pretty awesome as he dashes around your bath and turns your bath a lovely red colour.

So there we have it, my belated Lush Boxing Day Sales Haul! If you would like to see what these look like in your bath, follow me on Instagram, @zoeyoliviablog as I’ll be posting them over the next couple of weeks!
Love, Zoey

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