Winter Fashion Haul: ZARA & ASOS & Life Update

Why hello blogging friends, it’s been a little while. Apologises that my blogging and YouTubeing hasn’t been on top form, I’ve just had a lot going on since I got engaged, which I will go into more detail about in a sec…

But first, I finally got round to filming my ZARA & ASOS haul yesterday evening. So, I do hope you enjoy seeing what I picked up!
Also, this is the first time I’ve used my studio lights, which I brought way back in the Black Friday sales! The lighting isn’t perfect, I would of liked it to have been a lot brighter, but it’s my first time using them, so it can only get better right?

Any who, I thought I would just write down all my thoughts and explain why I’ve been a little absent on social media.

The first reason is that I’m getting married this year! Crazy I know, but me and Joe have decided that 2016 is the year for us. So, I have been incredibly busy at the weekends going to wedding venues, wedding fair’s, creating mood-boards, booking wedding dress appointments, you name it. It’s been hectic but we are getting there. And, by the end of this month, we should have final confirmation of our date and fingers crossed… have my dress sorted!
And then onto the other important weddingy stuff, like finding the perfect photographer, videographer, floristy, bridesmaid dresses, Joe’s suit etc. Weddings are hard. Really hard. Who knew eh?

Another reason is that I’m going to be taking my theory test during the first week of February so I have been ‘studying’ every single night (…well almost every night). I have also booked in an intensive driving course in February which I am super nervous about, but it needs to be done!

As well my driving situation, I’ve also had a few annoyances and upsets during the past couple of weeks.
Sadly my dog passed away at the start of this year, which has affected me quite a bit. I won’t go into too much detail but we adopted her eleven years ago from Battersea Dogs Home and she became part of our family. She was a lovely little dog and whenever I saw her face, it would literally make my day!
It was really hard to see her go, but I’m happy knowing she had a really good life.

I’ve also just been really ill for a month solid, I’ve had the flu, and an awful cough (that I still bloody have) and my Endometriosis has been pretty bad, well more than bad. I’ve had a swollen belly for a week solid now, it’s irritating to say the least.

But yes, other than wedding planning, learning the highway codes, and dealing with a few personal things, I have been of course, been busy with my full-time job and also trying to maintain a relatively normal social life too!
Phew, I think that’s everything…

Anyway, sometimes it’s just nice to ramble to the internet world, and I’ve actually really enjoyed spending an hour of my Sunday evening blogging. It’s kind of therapeutic and nice to get away from my never-ending busy little life. But, now I may treat myself to a film (… yes, watching a film is a treat these days), possibly one of the Harry Potter films, in memory of Alan Rickman.

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