MAC Lipsticks Men Love Mystery & Cosmo Review

I seriously have a problem… I can’t stop buying MAC lipsticks! I’ve already got over twenty in my collection but I urge for more.

Whilst I was in London, I popped into the Covent Garden MAC store and tried and tested a bunch of lipsticks, but two really caught my eye – Men Love Mystery and Cosmo. They are completely different from one another, but both beautiful in their own individual ways.

 (Men Love Mystery lipstick swatch)

Men love mystery. Now this is your daring bold lipstick!

On MAC’s website it is described as a ‘Lavender Violet’ and is a matte finish. And, this beauty is part of MAC’s new matte collection.

At first I was a little scared by this colour, in person it looks a little daunting, however, once I swatched it on the lips, it actually looked really flattening! And, I think it works well with my faux ginger locks and brown eyes.With matte formula’s, you expect them to be a little drying, however this one is not at all. It’s really creamy and glides on beautifully. After about thirty minutes, the formulation dries completely matte on the lips, which looses the creamyness but is still comfortable on the lips. Also the longevity is great too, it lasts around 5-6 hours without any touch ups!

(Cosmo Lipstick Swatch)

Cosmo. I think this has to be my new favourite every-day MAC lipstick! It’s a beautiful soft pinky-nude-brown colour with blue undertones, which I personally think would look really flattening on all skin-tones.

I’ve worn this when I’ve been on holiday when I’m looking a little bronzed and it still looks lovely.

MAC describe Cosmo as a ‘Pink Coco’, and it’s an Amplified Creme finish which means it’s super creamy and moisturising on the lips. Likewise to Men Love Mystery, it glides on easily with no tugging.

The longevity is also fab for a creamy texture, it lasts for around 3-4 hours on my lips before I need to re-apply.

Love love love this! It’s that shade you can wear every-day all year round!

If there are any MAC lipsticks you would like me to review next let me know in the comments below :).

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