MAX FACTOR Creme Puff Blushes: Review & Swatches

I picked up two MAX FACTOR Creme Puff Blushes last month (£8.99 a pop), and I’ve been dying to write this review, but I really wanted to trial and test the products for a little while to see if my opinions change on them.

When I was eyeing these up in Boots, I found it so difficult to pick just two shades as they are all stunning. But, I decided to go for ‘Lovely Pink’ (the lightest shade) and ‘Gorgeous Berries’ (the darkest shade).

The blushes have a beautiful marbled effect (which fades after use), they are a smooth velvety texture that feels luxurious and looks glowing on the skin. And, they are also highly pigmented!

As you can see from the pictures ‘Lovely Pink’ has lots of dents in and has lost that gorgeous marbleised effect as it is most used out of the two.

‘Lovely Pink’ compliments my fair skin really well, it’s a gorgeous pale pink colour that adds a delicate flush of colour to the cheeks. It gives that luminous healthy glowing look which I really love. It’s pretty much a highlighter and blush in one.
The reason why I love this one so much and why I prefer it to ‘Gorgeous Berries’ is because it’s a very wearable shade. It works well with any makeup look and looks so natural. I have been wearing it EVERY single day since I bought it!
The only downside to this shade is that it’s not as pigmented as the other shades, you have to apply quite a lot of product onto the blush and really work it into the skin. But once applied, it looks beautiful.

‘Gorgeous Berries’ is a beautiful deep berry shade and not usually what I would go for. I think this would look lovely on darker skin tones or in the winter paired with a berry lip.
I’ve worn it a couple of times, but I just don’t feel confident wearing it. I think it’s far too dark for my skin tone. Although that being said, I was so impressed with how pigmented the formula was. Unlike ‘Lovely Pink’, I needed a teeny amount of the product on my brush. And it has that silky velvety texture that was once again a joy to use.

Overall, I think these are amazing! I love how they feel and look on my cheeks. Especially ‘Lovely Pink’, as it’s the perfect shade for my skin tone. I’m tempted to get more shades as I do like wearing nude/tan blushes. I actually really want to get my hands on ‘Nude Mauve Pink’ and ‘Alluring Rose’ next.

If you’re after a highlighter and blush in one, then definitely check these out!

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