Childhood Memories: Baking Easter Egg Nest Cakes

Happy Easter everyone!

Today I wanted to share my easter egg nest cakes with you. Baking these reminded me of my childhood when I was part of my local ‘Brownies’ club. I was super cool obviously.

Anyway, during one of our classes we got to make these tasty crunchy treats to take home with us. After completing, I got a badge to sew on my uniform stating that I can cook or something like that!

It’s a really fun easy bake to do. And, I just couldn’t stop smiling whilst making them.

All you need is 100g of cornflakes, 100g of chocolate (a bar of your choice), 50g of butter, 2 tsp of golden syrup and a packet of mini eggs.

Melt the chocolate, butter and golden syrup in a bowl resting on top of a pan with hot water (make sure the water doesn’t touch the bowl).

Once done, cool for a few minutes and then pour the chocolate onto the cornflakes. Mix together until the cornflakes are evenly coated in chocolate.

Then grab a spoon and divide the chocolatey cornflakes into cupcake cases. Put three mini eggs in the centre each nest and cool in the fridge for a few hours.

And voila, there you have your easter egg nest cakes!

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