My Contour & Highlight Routine

Hi guys, I have been mixing things up a bit on the my channel. So, I thought I would do some ‘routine’ styled video’s, and if you guys like them then I may do a ‘morning skincare routine’ and ‘my every day makeup routine’ and so on.

Anyway, here is my ‘Contour & Highlight Routine’ video. It’s a step by step guide – a chatty, music montagey kind of video.

I am still quite new to contouring and highlighting, I am in no way in any shape or form an expert and I am not a makeup artist. But I thought I would just share with you what I put on my face and what I would do for my face shape and fair skin.

I don’t do contouring and highlighting every day, this is just what I do when I go out in the evenings or if I’m going somewhere nice. I did my contouring quite thick and dramatic in some areas (cheeks mainly) because it doesn’t usually show up on my camera. Normally it would be a lot lighter and not like ‘Maleficent’s’ cheekbones (ha). Also, I probably should of tied my hair up as it was annoying me – fringe problems, aye!

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