Tea, Pumpkin Pie, Mulled Wine & Chit-chat’s On The Vlog

Last week during my lovely week off work, I caught up with some old friends of mine.
I indulged in hot chocolates and brownies with my birthday twin Crofty on the Wednesday, they were SO good! And then on the Thursday, Katt who I went to school with and Hanna who I’ve known for years came round mine for tea, cake and a good old catch up!
A lot of cake was consumed, including a delicious ‘pumpkin pie’ that Katt made. She said it was actually made with butternut squashes, but we will let her off! As well as faux pumpkin pie, we had sweet pumpkin chocolate muffins, these were from Costco and were a gift from my sister. And Hanna also brought round some tasty mulled wine!
So much festivity, it’s like Halloween and Christmas wrapped into one!





And here it is, the vlog in all it’s festivity glory… Enjoy!

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