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I know Halloween has already passed but I wanted to share my spooktacular jewellery with you!

As some of you may know, I’m a HUGE Tatty Devine fan! And, if you haven’t already heard of Tatty Devine, they are a London based jewellery company that create unique and interesting perspex designs.

Anyway, over the years, I have collected some beautiful intriguing pieces, but for this blog post I have set aside the ones that are fitting to the occasion of Halloween. I have chosen the La Luna Moon earrings (A/W 2013), Eley Kishimoto Giant Batmosphere necklace (A/W 2011), Aarrghhhh necklace (core), black Gem Owl necklace and ring (A/W 2011), one of my Name Necklace’s, an Owl tortoiseshell necklace (A/W 2011) and Cartoon Eyes rings set (core).

Sadly you won’t be able to get most of these as they are limited edition and their collections change twice a year, however some of these are core pieces, which have been on their website for a good while now and I will link them below.

Starting with the Aarrghhhh necklace! This was one of my first Tatty purchases – I got this way back in 2011! It is perfect for Halloween! You can let your necklace do the talking (or screaming) and scare off everyone with this fun statement necklace!

Next we have the Cartoon Eyes ring set. Another fun statement piece, for your fingers.

And lastly we have my very first name necklace, I actually got this as a little gift when I did my internship at Tatty. Anyway, what’s great about these name necklaces is that you can personalise them – you can chose what you want it to say, the colour, style, absolutely everything! I went for the ‘bloody’ text in glitter black on a sliver chain.

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