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For someone who is a self proclaimed beauty junkie, I can’t believe I’ve never actually tried Soap & Glory’s makeup range before. So, as you do, I went to have a little browse in Boots… I didn’t actually need to buy anything, but I saw ‘3 for 2’ on Soap & Glory products and my eyes lit up. And then, boom, 3 products magically appeared in my basket.
Anyway, I’ve heard nothing but great things about Soap & Glory’s makeup products from reviews I’ve read online and from the YouTube beauty community.¬†Essie Button¬†always raves about One Heck of a Blot, so I thought it must be good, right? And Alex (ICovetThee) has recently raved about the Archery 2-in-1 brow pencil and her makeup recommendations are always spot on! So two out of three products have been recommendations off bloggers that I trust.
Right, I’m gonna get straight into this. Starting with ‘One Heck of a Blot’.



One Heck of a Blot. This little baby is a super translucent mattifying powder for all skin types. It claims to be ultra light and has a smooth velvety finish.
Now, I’ve gone a long time without powder, I’ve been more into the dewy-foundation look in recent times and simply haven’t felt the need to use one. Although having said that, I have felt a little shiny recently. Anyway, this works wonders for blotting away that unnecessary shine! It does what it says on the tin, leaving a velvety mattifying texture on the skin. Also I have to say, I absolutely love the packaging – it’s very similar to Benefit’s. I just love that 1950’s retro take on things.

Lid Stuff, What’s Nude. Next up we have Lid Stuff, I got the ‘What’s Nude’ palette, but they also have ‘Smokey Dokey’ and ‘Off the Wall Flowers’.
I mentioned a little while back on my blog that I’ve been wanting to experiment with my eyes a bit more. I absolute love winged liner but it’s nice to try new things every now and then. Anyway, what drew me to this palette was the beautiful shades and that I could wear them every-day and not feel like my eyes are caked in heavy over-the-top makeup.
Ok, so, we have three matte shades, ‘Vanilla’, ‘Pink T’ and ‘MudHoney’, and then we have a shimmery shade ‘Aubersheen’. The colours are stunning and they claim to last eight-hours which is all you need really.

Archery 2-in-1 Brow Filling Pencil & Brush. And last but not least is the Archery 2-in1 brow filling pencil & brush.

I’ve never been into the ‘drawn eyebrow look’, it’s somewhat a little daunting and I have a fringe which covers up my brows anyways! However, I thought I’d give this a go and I am pleasantly surprised! Now I was expecting my brows to look like crazy caterpillars but let me reassure you they don’t with this bad boy.
I got the shade ‘Blonde-Shell’ as it was the colour that looked most similar to my eyebrow colour.
The filling pencil looks really natural once applied with light, feathery strokes and the brush smooths it out all out and looks like the real deal. If you’re looking for a natural eyebrow pencil, then this is the one to go for!

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