All You Can Eat Tapas At Pix London & Shagingins In IKEA Vlog

Sorry that I’ve neglected my blog a bit this week. For some reason I’ve been feeling more exhausted and shitty than usual and haven’t really been in the mood to blog after work. I think this may also have to do with having back and stomach pains too, which has resulted in me being a little grumpy.
Any who I’ve got the weekend off and I honestly haven’t been more excited to just relax and be lazy for a change.

Anyway, here is my weekly vlog! The one where I eat six rounds of tapas, ramble about weirdo happenings in the night and have a whale of a time in IKEA. Psh, there is a sneaky look at our new desk, but we are undecided if we are keeping it. Hope you all enjoy!

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