L’oreal’s Pure Reds Lipstick Collection Review

I’ve been meaning to do beauty reviews for quite some time now, but haven’t had the chance to until now, so here’s my very first review on the new L’oreal’s limited edition Pure Red Lipstick Collection.

I saw an advert on TV showing off the exclusive collection that L’oreal has created, which includes four red lipsticks to suit every skin tone. So I dashed to the shops to try and nab a few. Sadly I had no luck, so I resorted to getting them online but they had all sold out (the dramas!). Then a couple days later, I popped back into my local boots and there they were, with halo’s around them, telling me it was fate and I knew I just had to get them.

I picked up Blake’s, Julianne’s and Eva’s shades. I couldn’t get my hands on Liya’s, but I was unsure about that shade as it’s for dark skin and I’m super pale.

And, before I get stuck into my review of each shade, I have to say that I’ve always been a bit daunted by red lipsticks as I find most clash with my hair, well they certainly did when I had more of a red tone to my hair. It’s currently looking more on the gingery side, so they should look ok.



Anyway, let’s get straight into it, starting off with Julianne’s Pure Red. This is the one that is designed to suit my skin tone and my hair (faux ginger nut). It’s a matte pinky-berry-red, not usually what I’d go for as I don’t particularly like ‘pink lips’ but I have to say, it does look rather nice with my complexion and hair. Also I wore it to a wedding at the weekend and it did not budge one bit, and I’m going to be completely honest, it made me feel really ‘sexy’, if you know what I’m saying ladies.

So, big thank you to L’oreal for creating the perfect red for me and the other pale ginger girls out there.

Second up is Blake’s Red which is a pure ruby red colour designed to suit warm skin tones. Now I do like this shade, it looks similar to Julianne’s, but looks more pinky on the lips, weirdly. However I don’t think it suits me at all. Personally I feel that it clashes with my hair… Ginger problems.



And then we have Eva’s Pure Red which is a pure brick red designed to suit warm skin tones. I know this isn’t recommended for my skin tone, but I really like it. It reminds me of a MAC lipstick I’ve been eyeing up recently – Chilli, a gorgeous deep red colour, which is very similar to this one.




Overall I’m really impressed with the formula of these lipsticks, they aren’t as good as a trusty MAC lipstick, but for a drugstore brand, they are really impressive. Long-wearing from A.M to P.M, a matte-velvet formula yet very moisturising on the lips and looks lovely as a day-time or evening lippy. Hats off to you L’oreal.
And to finish off on a totally unrelated note, here are some photographs of me being snap happy and silly in the bathroom.





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