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It appears that I can’t stop spending. I have a problem. But everything is just so pretty, especially in Paperchase.
Firstly, I picked up this gorgeous Eiffel Tower ring dish, and I know I’ve already bought one from Anthropologie that is pretty much identical but I just couldn’t resist. Besides, I could use it for my ear-rings or as a home decoration in the living room. And if you’re wondering how much it is, they retail at £8. I couldn’t actually find the link on Paperchase’s website for you, so I’m not sure if they are out of stock or what not.
Secondly I picked up an insulated cup with this adorable cat pattern all over it. This was £7 which is really reasonable, and I think it will be so handy for when I’m walking to work and need perking up.
And last but not least, I got this cute anniversary card for Joe, this was £2.25, and again, I couldn’t seem to find it anywhere on Paperchase’s website. So, apologies about that.
But yes, it was our anniversary on Tuesday the 30th September and so this will have been written and given to him by the time this blog post goes up!
We are celebrating four happy years together and we are spending the day in London at a very special venue. All will be revealed on here soon unless you have me on Instagram, then you already know!Hope everyone has had a lovely week and be sure to check my YouTube channel tomorrow as my London Day Out Vlog goes live at 5pm.

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