Corby Steaks & Tuesday Vlog

I’m up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday morning, well it’s now 9:54am to be precise.
Anyway, I decided to vlog on Tuesday as I had the day off work, so you can see what an average ‘blogger/illustrator’s day’ looks like. I also included a snippet of Sunday where me, Joe, Joe’s mum and sister went out for dinner. Any who, I hope you enjoy this little Vlog I’ve put together. Really starting to get the hang of this ‘vlogging thing’!

And, my Sunday Vlog will be up tomorrow as per usual. I filmed Joe’s dad’s wedding, so if you’re interested, check back tomorrow around 5pm.
Also I’ve got the week off work, would you guys like to see more daily vlogs with things I get up to this week? Or I could vlog my birthday? Let me know if that’s something you’d like to see! I’m probably going to do it anyway…

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