Sunday Morning & Essie Button

To me Sundays are all about being lazy, staying in your pjs all day and having a fry up to celebrate the end of a hard working week. And so today I wanted to do something a little bit different as all I have been talking about is my Canada adventures and probably boring you all to death.
Anyway, today I wanted to take a few snaps of what me and Joe usually do first thing when we wake up on Sundays.
I’m catching up on my daily dosage of Youtube whilst getting ready and Joe is cooking up a delicious breakfast.
I’m currently watching Essie Button, the beauty guru. I’ve been watching her channel for about two years now and her personality and beauty recommendations are why I love her.
Another reason to why I like Essie is that I feel that we have a lot of similar interests. We both studied Illustration at university, we both obsess of beauty and makeup (although I haven’t blogged about my obsession just yet) and I feel that we lead very similar lives, in terms of where we live, where we like to travel and what we do day-to-day. Although I know a lot of other girls probably have those common interests too.


Also, in a non creepy way I feel that she would be the type of friend I would have in real life. She kind of reminds me of one I have already which is really weird!
Anyway, I was watching Estée’s Autumn Get Ready With Me this morning and I noticed that she is doing a give-away. She often does give-aways, but I’ve only ever entered once before – for the Soap & Glory one. I was up against hundreds of thousands of people, but yeah, I didn’t win sadly.
But I thought I’d give this giveaway a go as I absolutely love everything Estée mentioned in her latest video, she is giving away an Urban Decay Naked Palette which I could die for, alongside a Clinique Chubby Stick, Stilla Lip Stain and Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Mascara! Yes, please!


If you’re also interested in the competition, there are two ways you could enter. All you have to do is Follow Essie on Twitter, and tweet the link to this video (, a photo of the video on your screen and use #AutumnEssie. The other way of entering is to follow Essie on Instagram (@EssieButton) and tag a photo of yourself watching her video and use #AutumnEssie.


So, good luck everyone! Who-ever wins is going to be one lucky lady!


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