I’m Officially A YouTuber

I’ve been meaning to start a YouTube channel for a while now… Months, possibly even a year has flown by since I said to myself that I wanted to create vlogs. But today is the day!!!

As some of you may know, I travelled to Canada for two weeks and I filmed bits and pieces through-out my trip, so I could create a series of vlogs to put up on YouTube.

And so, the other day I taught myself how to video edit for the very first time. I never knew video editing could be so much fun! I really enjoyed editing part 1, and now I’m so eager and really excited to play around with part 2!

Anyway, I wanted to create this channel as a memory bank, to document and remind myself of all the good times I’ve had. Not only this, but I want to get better at presenting (as it’s something I’ve never been good at), talking to people, feeling confident in front of the camera and feeling confident in myself.
And, If I have anything exciting going on in my life, I may whack out the camera and do a weekly vlog, or I might take part in vlogmas this year… who knows! I just know I’m going to have a lot of fun with it!

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