Canada Vlog Part 2

Yesterday I uploaded part two of my Canada Vlog series. This one is a little short compared to the rest, however it does include some scrumptious clips of food.
I started off the day by going to Breka Bakery & Cafe, it had really good reviews on TripAdvisor so I wanted to check it out, and I’m so glad I did! The food was delicious – I had a croissant with ham and egg, and a gherkin on the side! And a cheeky cuppa to go alongside.

I then did quite a lot of damage on my credit card in Sephora, whoops.

I was getting a little bit peckish again, so I headed off towards Gastown to eat in a quirky little cafe called Finch’s tea and coffee house. I ate a pear, blue brie, prosciutto and roasted walnut baguette – oh my, words cannot describe how good that was! After my yummy lunch I headed back to the hotel to chill and wait for Joe to return from his conference.

When Joe returned, we decided that we were craving pizza, and so, we found a place called Pizzeria Farina, a tiny little restaurant hidden away in Chinatown. Honestly, one of the best pizza’s I’ve ever had in my life! On par with the pizza I shared with Joe in New York last year.

Any who, the vlog ended very abruptly after suffering with a food baby and sleepiness!

I do apologise for not vlogging the entire day, but I am new at this whole thing, so hope you can forgive me.

Anyway, hope you guys are enjoying my Canada Vlog series, and be sure to stay tuned for part 3 which should be up on Sunday, around 11am.

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